Do you know your benefits as a Grab Delivery-Partner? GrabBenefits programme is designed for you with your wants and needs as our priority

What is

We understand that to earn with confidence ( Jalan Dengan Yakin ) with us, all aspects of your well-being needs to be given top priority. These aspects include protection in the event of an accident, social security, financial confidence, operating costs support, and even in terms of self-development

There are 3 categories of GrabBenefits dedicated to give you assurance to be with Grab


Free personal accident coverage or premium coverage for you and your family members. Ease to contribute to EPF (with additional 10% contribution by Grab for those who qualify) and SOCSO.


Save on daily expenses with discounts on petrol, daily necessities, car repairs and more! Use Shop Now, Pay Later for even more flexibility.


Learn new skills and knowledge with courses such as digital literacy training (Microsoft), financial management training (Standard Chartered) and more, for free.

GrabBenefits programme
is designed for you with your
wants and needs as our priority.


You will be unlocking your tier every
month based on your previous
month’s driving performance:
Member, Silver, Gold and Platinum!

How to

Step 1

Click on “GrabBenefits” to go to the catalogue page.

Step 2

Click on a benefit that interests you.

Step 3

Click on “Save This Benefit”.

Step 4

Click on “Use Now” to use the benefit.

  • Enjoy Fuel rebates
    up to RM37

  • Up to 6x Bonuslink
    points at Shell

  • Special rates on
    Liqui Moly engine oil


All Grab driver-partners will automatically be eligible for GrabBenefits.

You will be able to see your tier (member) 24 hours after you have completed your 1st trip.

Your tier refreshes on the 1st of every month.

Within the “Tiers and Progress” page, you would be able to view how far away you are from achieving the next tier level.

This program is meant to give top tier drivers exclusive privileges. Upon qualifying for a tier, you would be able to view the rewards available.

The benefit may have expired/fully redeemed, or you may no longer qualify for this particular benefit due to your tier status.

Rest easy knowing that you and your passengers’ protection are taken care of. Grab collaborates with trusted insurance agencies to offer policies suited for your driving needs and personal life.

On The Road

Receive FREE coverage whenever you are delivering for GrabFood and GrabExpress. This policy will be activated once you receive a delivery order and end when the delivery is complete.


Ahmad is involved in an accident while he is on the way to complete a GrabFood delivery. Ahmad will be protected by the GrabInsure On The Road coverage because it happened during a delivery.


GrabInsure 24/7 is an all day coverage provided for our Delivery-Partners according to their tiers.

Example A

Ahmad is a Platinum Delivery-Partner this month. He is involved in an accident during a GrabFood delivery. Ahmad can receive dual-coverage from both GrabInsure On-The-Road and GrabInsure 24/7.

Example B

Ahmad is a Platinum Delivery-Partner this month. He is involved in an accident unrelated to making GrabFood or GrabExpress deliveries. So Ahmad is covered by GrabInsure 24/7 only.

Terms & Condition

1. Your tier-ranking will be classified based on your past month’s performance.
2. Monthly tiers will be updated on the 2nd day of the month.
3. Member* Delivery-Partners must complete more than 30 deliveries in the past month.
4. Member* Delivery-Partners must have below 8% of Cancellation Requests (CR) in the past month.

Your Claim

  • Make a police report.
    Within 24 hours of the accident.

  • Report to customer service.
    Fill in an accident report form.

  • Attach a screencap of your GrabBenefits
    Tier and the delivery Booking ID.

  • Claim is being processed.
    It will take up to 14 working days.

  • Receive your claim payment.

Get Your
FREE Nescafe
or Teh Tarik

At Grab, taking a break to rest and recharge is just as important as working hard. You are your best tool in life. So remember to look after your body and your needs before every journey.

How To

Step 1

Click on “GrabBenefits” to go to the catalogue page.

Step 2

Click on a benefit that interests you.

Step 3

Click on “Save This Benefit”.

Step 4

Click on “Use Now” to use the benefit.

  • Bandar Utama
    Banana Leaf

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours

  • Bandar Utama
    The Port

    Mon–Sun | 5.30pm–1.30am

  • Bangi
    Restoran Barra

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours

  • Bangsar
    Devi’s Corner

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours

  • Jalan Genting Kelang
    Kilang Kitchen

    Mon–Sun | 5.30pm–1.30am

  • OUG
    Al Fariz

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours

  • Sepang
    Restoran Ali Maju

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours

  • Penang
    Blok5 food.drink

    Mon–Sun | 5.00pm–11.00pm

  • Johor Bahru
    Restoran Al-Mashur

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours

  • Johor Bahru
    Restoran Kadir Bistro

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours

  • Melaka
    Al Dubai Restaurant

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours

  • Melaka
    Restoran Tiga Ros

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours

  • Kuching
    Little Foot Cafe

    Mon–Sun | 10.00am–1.00am

  • Kuching
    Pohonmas Cafe

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours

  • Kuching
    Food Parade

    Mon–Sun | 6.00am–12.00am

  • Kota Kinabalu
    Restoran Amin

    Mon–Sun | 24 hours


Grab driver-partners and delivery-partners can enjoy FREE Nescafe or Teh Tarik at these Grab Driver Pit Stops. However, do note that due to the current pandemic situation, drinks are only available for takeaways.

Yes, the offer is the same for all pit stops.

Only active Grab driver-partners and delivery-partners are entitled for this offer.

Grow Your Skills
& Confidence

We believe in you and we want to grow with you. GrabAcademy is invested in helping all our partners to upskill and improve your standard of living.

Available Courses

FREE Courses

  • How to Assist an OKU Passenger by GrabForGood
  • Maintenance Class by Liqui Moly
  • Financial Literacy by Standard Chartered
  • Safety and Health Tips by Centro Maxx

*For more information about the diploma courses, please click here

How to Enrol

Currently GrabAcademy Free Courses are by invitation only.


Invitation is currently extended to Platinum, Gold and Silver tier driver-partners and delivery-partners only. We are working on extending it to all soon!

Free of charge specifically for Grab driver-partners and delivery-partners

for Rewards

Complete rides, meet milestones and receive rewards from the Roda Rezeki programme.


  • Milestone Notification

    You will be notified of your milestone in the first week of the month via SMS

  • Register for a Collection Date

    If you are eligible, there will be a form for you to pick a timeslot to collect your gift at the Grab Driver Centre (GDC)

  • Collection at GDC

    Head over to the GDC at the appointed date and time to redeem your gift!

*To ensure your safety and to help curb the spread of Covid-19, we are putting physical distributions on hold for now. Alternatively, we offer a delivery option for Starter Pack only and delivery fee will be deducted from your cash wallet. To opt in, please look out for the form that is out on the first week of every month.


ALL active Grab delivery-partners in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Kuching, and Kota Kinabalu.

Your total completed trips for this program is calculated from 1st May 2019 to the 1st May 2020. We will inform you of your trip count on a monthly basis through SMS.

Your trips beginning from 1 May 2019 from both GrabFood and GrabExpress will be taken into account

Example: You have completed 100 GrabExpress trips and 225 GrabFood trips. Your total completed trips would be 325.

No. For example, Ahmad has completed 800 trips since 1 May 2019. He is eligible for the Starter Pack and the Grab Arm Sleeves.

After redeeming the items, his total no. of completed trips remains at 800 trips. Ahmad would only need to complete 400 more trips to redeem the next merchandise, which is the Airism Shirt.

Fret not! We will restock them and inform you once they have arrived at the warehouse.

Yes, you will be eligible for the Arm Sleeves.

No, you may not.


At GrabFinance, we want to make financial services more accessible to you—our Grab Partners. We offer a seamless financing experience, so you can earn more and enjoy better options in life.

  • Shop Now,
    Pay Later

    Shop for your groceries, electronics and other necessities from our merchant partners and pay for them later

  • Easy

    Spread your payments in easy and affordable amounts

  • No Extra

    0% interest and no additional fees

Participating Brands

and many more

Example: Arif purchases an RM300 voucher from a merchant-partner. He will be charged small amounts daily beginning the following Monday over a fixed duration*. This amount is deducted automatically from his Grab cash / credit wallet.

*Repayment duration varies by merchant-partner

How to Use:
  • For eligible driver and delivery-partners, simply login to your Grab Driver App and look for “Shop Now Pay Later” under the Financial Services tab.
  • Browse the list of merchant-partners available and shop our wide array of products.
  • Remember to fully utilise the voucher amounts purchased.

  • Pump Now,
    Pay Later

    Pump fuel at a Shell
    station and pay for it later

  • Easy

    Spread your payments in
    easy and affordable

  • No Extra

    No minimum spend or
    additional fees

Participating Brands


Arif pumps RM7 worth of petrol with his Shell Fuel Card. Arif will be charged RM1 daily for 7 days on the next week. This will be deducted automatically from his Grab cash / credit wallet.

How to Sign Up

  • For eligible driver and delivery-partners, you will get an Inbox Message to sign-up
  • We are open for sign-ups once every week, so keep a lookout for the Inbox Message on your Grab Driver app