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We don’t have
to choose
between doing
business and
doing good.

Grab was born because our co-founders believed they could make transport safer. Make drivers’ lives just a little bit easier. And help parents sleep a little bit better. Even if it was just in one city.

Today, as Grab grows to serve the greater region of Southeast Asia, this desire to make a positive impact has only gotten stronger. We are proud to be living in the fastest growing region in the world, but we are not blind to its limitations. Poor access to food and education. Income inequality. Financial illiteracy. These are some of the biggest challenges that millions of people face in Southeast Asia. We believe we can take on those challenges, while building a sustainable business.

#GrabForGood is our commitment to use technology as a force for good. It is how we will improve the quality of life for everyone. It is how we will keep driving Southeast Asia forward.

How we empower
Southeast Asia


To open up opportunities for all, regardless of background or ability. 

We provide income opportunities to all groups of people, including the disadvantaged, as part of our commitment to push for greater inclusivity. 


To provide technological solutions to improve and build safer, smarter cities.

Many Southeast Asians face everyday limitations like traffic congestion and lack of public infrastructure. As an everyday everything app, we solve everyday challenges to make life a little easier.


To protect our planet by minimising our environmental footprint.

We only get one Earth. Let’s take care of it. We are introducing measures across our businesses and ecosystem to build a more sustainable future.

Our impact in numbers

Over 9 million 

or about 1 in 70 people in
Southeast Asia have earned
income using the Grab platform

of our driver-partners did not work
to joining Grab

of our agent-partners had no
income before joining Grab-Kudo
(now called GrabKios)

Grab has contributed US$ 5.8 billion
to the Southeast Asia economy
in one year

The people
that make
it happen

Technology makes our mission possible, but these people work incredibly hard to make it a reality. They inspire us every day to deliver more inclusive products, so everyone in the region has the opportunity to achieve their biggest dreams.

Download other reports

Get to know our efforts in making everyday lives better in Southeast Asia through our Social Impact Report. This report will be published annually to help us chart our progress and a symbol of our commitment to drive this region forward.