Malaysia’s first on-demand carpooling service!. Earn more by taking more passengers going the same way.

What is GrabShare?

GrabShare is a carpooling service that allows passengers to share the ride and the fare while driver-partners get to earn more by picking up multiple passengers going the same way. There are more than two possible trip sequences. This is what a ride could possibly look like:

GrabShare utilises existing GrabCar driver-partners and allows you to take more than one job per trip for passengers going the same way. This means you can now potentially earn more by receiving more fares from more matches! All GrabCar driver-partners will start receiving GrabShare jobs on the current Grab Driver app.

Training & Incentives

To ensure you’re well equipped for GrabShare jobs, please click on the button below to complete the online driver training:

GrabShare is now available to all passengers in Klang Valley. Click on the following words to find out more about GrabShare’s incentive earnings.

There are many benefits when driving with GrabShare.

Share and earn more per trip by taking more passengers going the same way.

Maximise the space in your car by picking up multiple passengers.

Help reduce congestion on our roads.

Help reduce carbon footprint by picking up more passengers in the same ride.

Key Features of GrabShare

Take more bookings in one ride instead of one

Maximum of 2 passengers per booking

No detours or additional stops

Same Acceptance Rating, Cancellation Rate and Driver Rating as GrabCar

Tips for Drivers!

Toll Fare

Always remember the Golden Rule : Passenger(s) who are in the car when you pass through a toll have to pay for the toll charges.

Trust the App

Our app provides the most optimal trip sequence to minimise traveling time. Follow the sequence stated to ensure a seamless experience.

3 Minutes Waiting Time

Drivers should only wait up to 3 minutes for their passengers upon arriving at the pick up point. This reduces overall travel time and all parties can have a pleasant ride!

How It Works

Simply launch the Grab app and start Sharing your rides.

Download App

Scan QR Code


There is no work required to set up GrabShare as it uses the same Grab driver app as GrabCar. All drivers will automatically receive GrabShare jobs.

No, you cannot opt out of GrabShare.

This will be the same experience as you have today for GrabCar, once you drop off your first passenger, the payment screen will pop up. Once your payment input for the first passenger is completed, you can move on to dropping off the second passenger

You don’t need to switch; the job card will indicate whether the job is a GrabShare or GrabCar job.

The payment method will be displayed in the job card, same as GrabCar today.

No, each driver only has one Grab cash and credit wallet. The cashout process will also be the same.

No, you cannot. Refusing to accept GrabShare bookings will affect your AR.

This won’t be a problem for GrabShare – each passenger is treated as an individual, and the payment methods do not need to be identical.

The maximum per GrabShare booking is 2 passengers (1 Grabshare ride can have 2 Grabshare bookings going at the same direction). Kindly request passenger to cancel and book a GrabCar.

The subsequent bookings can come in anytime for you to accept and increase your earnings. Once you’ve accepted the second or third booking, please follow the pickup and dropoff sequence indicated in the driver app. Please remember to remind the passengers of their pickup and dropoff sequence once they’ve boarded your car to ensure a smooth journey!

No, you must follow the pick up & drop off sequence in the app. Our system identifies the best route to minimize detours & travel time. We will also remind passengers that drivers will follow the pick-up/drop-off order given by the Grab app. Trust the app!

You should only wait for 3 minutes per booking before moving on to your next destination. Please communicate with your passengers prior to arrival for a smoother experience.

Politely advise them that by making a GrabShare booking they have accepted that they may have to share their ride, and that drivers are not allowed to ignore bookings. Please stay calm and do not engage in an argument with your passenger, and advise them to contact our customer service if they have issues with the GrabShare product.

The toll will be paid by whichever passenger was in the car when the driver passes by the toll, i.e. if only Passenger A is in the car, Passenger A will pay the toll fare. If both passengers are in the car, they will split the toll fare. Please key it in accordingly upon dropping off passengers

Booked fares will not adjust even if unmatched. Rest assured we are continually improving our system to reduce chances of unmatched rides.

We will be applying the same commission rate as GrabCar.

Yes, but this will affect your AR & CR so please ensure that you continuously check the app.

No,you will not be compensated.

No, the fares of the first passenger remain the same.

Yes, you will get incentives for GrabShare jobs depending on your incentive type and programme. To know more, please visit

No, you will not receive additional top ups KLIA rides

You will get your promo top-up on the next business day. If your ride falls on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you’ll get the promo top-up on Monday.

Yes, all GrabShare rides will contribute towards your GrabCar incentives regardless of your incentive programme. For the latest update on GrabShare specific bonuses, check out

Not at the moment; at any one time only a maximum of 2 parties will be in the car.