What is JustGrab?

JustGrab is a fixed-fare, on-demand service, which brings together both taxis & cars across Malaysia. As a taxi driver, you can now experience dynamic pricing during peak periods!

There are plenty of reasons to JustGrab.

Enjoy dynamic pricing during peak periods, over & above the upfront fare.

Get more jobs by tapping into a new pool of passengers who prefer upfront fares!

Reduce idle time by continuing to take GrabTaxi jobs! Enjoy the benefits of JustGrab jobs while also continuing to receive metered fare jobs.

What are the differences between GrabTaxi and JustGrab jobs?

  1. GrabTaxi jobs are metered, and JustGrab jobs are upfront fares.
  2. Booking fees apply to GrabTaxi jobs, but won’t apply for JustGrab jobs.
  3. Dynamic pricing is only applicable for JustGrab jobs.
  4. The fee structure of JustGrab jobs is as per below:
Applicable / Displayed Fare
Base FareRM 1.00
Per KMRM 0.70 - RM 0.95
Per MinRM 0.20 - RM 0.30
Min FareRM 5.00
KLIA/KLIA 2 FareRM 65.00
1. Toll charges are not included in the fare estimate
2. All fares are subjected to flexible pricing due to demand and supply within a certain duration or area.

How It Works

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JustGrab is a service which assigns passengers the nearest vehicle, whether GrabCar or GrabTaxi, at a fixed fare.

JustGrab jobs are priced the same as GrabCar Economy jobs.

Your incoming JustGrab job card will have a unique JustGrab tag, and so, whenever you see this – it’s a fixed fare, JustGrab job.

All JustGrab jobs are fixed fare. You should turn on your taxi meter as per usual, but the fixed fare you collect from passengers should follow the Grab app.

Please charge all tolls to the passenger at the end of the trip under “Tolls & Others”; however, please do not charge any surcharges or booking fees.

Yes, JustGrab jobs will impact your AR/CR/DR, just like any other job. Your overall AR/CR/DR will be calculated based on your JustGrab and GrabTaxi bookings.