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Why Rate Your Driver


Your Grab experience is important to us and your ratings will help ensure you only get the best drivers.

Our drivers are only as good as the ratings you give, so the power is in your hands. It is important for you to rate your driver because this helps us identify low or top performing drivers. Those who are above average are constantly being rewarded and any driver that drops below a certain rating will be reviewed or removed from our system. This is how we are able to ensure that we continue to provide you the best Grab experience.






What Makes a 5 Star Driver?

Rating Tip 1:
Driver is punctual or keeps you informed about his or her estimated time of arrival, especially if your driver is running late.

Rating Tip 2:
Service with a smile: Your driver greets you in a friendly manner when you first step

Rating Tip 3:
Driver is polite and drives cautiously and courteously.

Rating Tip 4:
No matter the age, the car should also be kept in a clean, comfortable and pleasant

Rating Tip 5:
If your driver reminds you to rate him or her, they care about giving you that 5 star service.

Remember to be fair and not rate based on traffic conditions or app issues. To feedback on issues or to let us know stories of rides with awesome drivers feel free to contact us at

We need your help to create a better transportation system so that other users like you can have a more enjoyable and safer ride. So start rating!