GrabProtect: Your 6-step ride routine for a new normal

It’s been a difficult first half of the year, but we’re slowly and cautiously navigating our way into a whole new normal. We understand that adapting to a new and changing reality can be challenging, which is why we want to ensure the safest conditions possible for both you and our driver-partners to make that transition. 

Taking extra safety precautions is a must during this period, and that extends to all Grab cars too.

We’re introducing a GrabProtect care kit containing a disinfectant spray and a hand sanitiser, which will be distributed to selected Grab cars starting today. Along with the kit, we’ve also prepared a new set of guidelines that all passengers and driver-partners should adhere to for a safe and comfortable ride.


You and your driver are encouraged to follow these 6 simple guidelines to minimise health risks:

Likewise your delivery-partner has also been encouraged to follow 6 simple guidelines:

These times have shown us that we’re more connected than we think, and the well-being of the community is a shared responsibility. Such measures will enforce better hygiene habits, giving you greater peace of mind every time you choose Grab. We look forward to welcoming you back on board!

Let’s #RideItOutBersama

You can read more details on GrabProtect in our press release.
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  1. What is GrabProtect?
    GrabProtect is an initiative by Grab made up of a comprehensive set of safety and hygiene tech features, strict safety policies and partnership to minimise risks of the spread of COVID-19.
  2. How will this affect my ride?
    Starting 10 June 2020, Grab will be looking to equip the drivers with in-car disinfectant spray and hand sanitisers. Both passengers and drivers will eventually need to fill up Health Declarations to confirm they are well before taking a ride.
  3. How do I book a ride that is equipped with a hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray?
    We will be looking to equip more of our drivers with in-car disinfectant spray and hand sanitisers. Rest assured that more rides will soon be equipped to best minimise the spread of COVID-19.
  4. I booked a ride and there were no hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray in the car.
    Please be patient as we move towards equipping more of our drivers with in-car disinfectant spray and hand sanitisers. In the meantime, we encourage you to adhere to our GrabProtect 6-step guide to a safer ride.
  5. My driver was unwell. What can I do?
    If you believe your driver is unwell, you can cancel the ride without any penalty and can make a report here. Likewise, your driver is also allowed to cancel the ride without any penalty should he or she believe that you are unwell.