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Updated Incentive Structure for GrabCar (Economy) Johor Bahru

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Dear Grabbers,

We bring you news: there will be a slight change to the incentive structure in Johor Bahru effective 13 November 2017. This new structure will replace our existing GA, GP and GF programmes. We are doing this for 3 reasons:

  1. Reward loyalty: commissions will now be based on loyalty opt-in. 20% if you drive only for Grab, and 25% if you are a multi-platform Grabber. This will replace the current commission structure.
  1. More flexibility: choose freely between hourly guarantees and flexi bonuses, whether you are a full time or part time driver.
  1. More transparency: we will be launching a NEW in-app incentives feature very soon. This means you can now track your incentives progress live in your app. We have worked hard to bring you this feature – we hope you will like it!

We are doing this in hopes of being more transparent on how you can earn WHILE giving you the freedom and flexibility to choose your preferred earnings structure.

Important Updates for Incentives!

There are now only two programmes: Grab Ambassador OR Grab Associate with two incentive structures: Hourly Guarantees OR Flexi Bonuses

*Very important note : 

As a Grabber, you can only be in one (1) programme and one (1) incentive type at a time and only receive the incentives in the selected programme and incentive type.

Your new program has been selected by us for you based on your historical driving pattern. Please refer to your email to view which program are you in. However, fret not, you will have the option to change programmes and incentive types on a weekly basis based on your preferred driving schedules.

  • 20% commission rate

* Please note that if you are found driving with another ride-hailing app, you will be permanently placed in the Grab Associate programme (25% commission)

  • 25% commission rate

Opt-in Form

The form will be closed every Wednesday, 11:59PM.

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The in-app incentive section guide

Hourly Guarantees incentive type :

Existing Drivers versus New Drivers

Existing drivers (before 14 September 2017) will continue to have 20% commission rate but if you do not opt-in for the Grab Ambassador Programme, your commision rate will be changed to 25%.

New drivers after 13 November 2017 are automatically put into the Grab Associate Programme  where the commission rate is 25%, with the Flexi Bonuses incentive type by default. However, you will have the chance to be charged a 20% commission rate by being loyal and opting to be a Grab Ambassador.

For more info, check out the T&C over here.

// Team GrabCar MY