Terms and Conditions of the Time Booster (Kemaman)

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Please read all the terms and conditions as stated below. By participating in the ‘Time Booster’ you agree that you have read, understood, accepted and agreed with all the terms below, the Driver’s Terms and Conditions, the conditions stated in the Driver’s Registration Form and the Driver’s Code of Conduct.  

  1. From 29 July 2019, this new earnings structure is for all GrabCar Driver-Partners in Kemaman, both full-time and part-time.
  2. All existing Driver-Partners shall be charged a commission rate of 20% and all jobs will be auto-accepted. By default, this will apply to all newly registered Driver-Partners post 29 July 2019 as well.
  3. Driver-Partners are required to maintain an average Driver Rating (“DR”) of 4.5 and above (effective 20 November 2017) to be retained on the Grab platform.
  4. Maintain an average DR of 4.7 and above weekly (average of the last 100 rated rides are calculated weekly) to be eligible for all incentives.
  5. Maintain a cancellation rate of 10% and lower for the week. Weekly Driver-partner CR* is calculated as Number of Driver-partner Cancellations in a week divided by Number of Accepted Bookings in a week. *For earnings purposes only, bookings cancelled by passengers will NOT affect weekly Driver-partner CR. However, high overall cancellation rate will still be monitored.
  6. Requirements to be eligible for Time Booster incentives are:
  • Payout will be calculated upfront based on system estimated trip time and the trip’s nett fare. The estimated trip time will be calculated upfront based on past traffic conditions. This might be different from the actual driving minute (based on Waze/ Google) because of unexpected traffic or a different proposed route from Grab’s system navigation.
  • If your nett fare per driving minute collected for a total trips completed trip is higher than the Time Booster amount gross guaranteed earnings for the hour, you will not be given a further top-up – you will earn the collected fare as per usual. Grab will only reimburse the difference if your collected nett fare is lower than the Time Booster amount gross guaranteed earnings for the hour.
  • Only incentive amounts equal to or above RM1 will be paid out for each eligible ride.
  • Advanced bookings are not applicable for Time Booster Incentives
  • Time Booster incentives are NOT applicable for JustGrab GrabTaxi and GrabTaxi bookings.
  • The payout shown in the job card or in-transit screen is final and not subject to adjustments due to traffic.
  1. Earned incentives and promos will be topped up into your cash wallet. The Driver-Partner are required to press the ‘Cash Out’ button; your money will be credited into your bank account within the same day. If you don’t, the money will remain in your cash wallet.
  2. For instances where fraudulent bookings or behaviour are found (e.g. Driver-partner excessively requesting for the passenger to cancel on their behalf), an internal investigation will be conducted by Grab. Driver-partners may or may not qualify for earnings payout, depending on the findings of the investigation. All decisions as a result of the investigation are final and binding.
  3. This earning structure is applicable for GrabCar (Economy) and GrabCar 6-seater as per the week communicated. Any previous earning structure is not applicable.
  4. All decisions made by Grab are final and binding. Grab shall not entertain any requests or appeals by Driver-Partners.