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This time around, in the duration of 2 weeks, we hosted multiple Teh Tarik Sessions to introduce new features on the Grab Driver App  as well as to get up close and personal with driver-partners in several cities in Malaysia.

Driver-partners had the opportunity to ask the Grab team questions, as well as voice out their concerns and feedback. Read on to find out our responses to some of your top questions.

Improved allocation

Pin locations are always wrong. Please abolish the feature.

  • We have rolled out the first wave of improvements for pin location on 17th September. Removing “pin location” will result in passengers booking from wrong locations and driver-partners being forced to drive further to pick up the passenger. The second wave of enhancement is planned for the quarter and we will be continuously monitoring the use of this feature.

There are many pick-up locations with no-waiting zones. We have to take big u-turns when passengers are late.

  • We are currently identifying these locations. At these locations, passengers will be informed that this is a strictly no-waiting zone and they will also be reminded to be ready at the pick-up point before the driver-partner arrives.

Why is Auto Accept (and 20% commission) not available at KLIA/KLIA2?

  • When we rolled out Auto Accept earlier in April 2018, we did not allow this feature to work in KLIA/KLIA2 as we did not want driver-partners to automatically receive jobs that they were not ready to complete. In that scenario, driver-partners would have to cancel this and get pushed to the back of the queue. However, we are currently working on this and will enable Auto Accept feature to work in KLIA/KLIA2 soon.

Protected earnings

Fare earnings are too low.

  • In smaller cities with low demand, we are continuously working to increase rides so driver-partners can benefit from more jobs. This might mean keeping fares at current level while we increase passenger awareness and usage frequency. You can expect to earn higher fares during peak hours or periods of high demand (school holidays, long weekends).

Can I be compensated when I have incurred a toll charge to pick up a passenger, but that passenger cancels on me?

  • Yes, driver-partners will be compensated. Please write in to us about the booking via Help Centre. 

Passengers always cancel late on me.

  • We are working on building a compensation feature for late passenger cancels or no-shows. Watch this space for further updates soon!

Can Grab allow passengers to change the drop-off point after booking a trip?

  • Coming out very soon!

Better Support

Why are driver-partners being warned / suspended / banned even if it’s the first offence?

  • A driver-partner will not be suspended or banned for a first offence (unless it is a serious offence). We always send a reminder SMS before taking disciplinary action so driver-partners are aware of his/ her actions. If a driver-partner consistently repeats the offence despite being reminded, we will then proceed to suspend the driver-partner’s account.  

Why are driver-partners not informed of the reasons their ratings dropped?

  • Watch out for our revised Weekly Safety Feedback Report in the next few weeks to help you better understand your driving patterns!

Deaf driver-partners keep getting calls from passengers

  • We have informed our deaf driver-partners on how to set up a template message to remind passengers to message our deaf driver-partners instead of calling them.

Enhanced safety

Can Grab provide some sort of passenger verification on the platform for driver-partners’ safety? So far, only passengers who are using GrabPay have to verify his/her information, but not passengers who pay with cash.

  • We are already exploring different ways to verify passengers to protect driver-partners. Stay tuned for further updates.

Some of the questions raised have been covered in our Grab Community Guidelines here.


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