The Special Needs Care Guide


At Grab, we encourage tolerance and kindness to all passengers at all times. We do not discriminate any passengers who use our Grab service because of their physical disabilities, and we practice inclusiveness. However, as a Grab driver-partner, caring for those with special needs or restricted mobility may require a bit of work.

To help you, we’ve prepared a comprehensive video tutorial with tips on how you can assist those with special needs and how you can provide them a comfortable Grab experience. Thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and kind heart.


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Q: What if I’m not comfortable dealing with a person with disability?

A: Always treat disabled persons as equals. Never be afraid, skeptical or embarrassed to help them.

Q: I want to help but I would like to avoid physical contact as much as possible. What can I do?


  1. If they have a caretaker, assist the caretaker to help the person in need to your car.
  2. You may use verbal cues to guide the person. Do not be afraid or embarrassed. They will let you know if they require further assistance.

Q: I do not want to help but have been assigned a booking with a passenger with a disability. What should I do?


  1. Disabled persons are entitled to safe and accessible transport, as with anyone else. Moreover, you should try to honour bookings that you have accepted.
  2. If you have strong reasons not to do so, e.g. you are not physically able to help, please alert our customer support team so they can assist with the passenger’s onward travel.