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Get up to 3x more retirement savings*!

Opt in to the Save with Grab Programme

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As part of our Better365 initiative, we are partnering with the Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) to help our driver-partners save for retirement!

Effective 16 August 2018, we’re introducing the Save with Grab Programme, exclusively for Gold and Platinum self-employed driver-partners who want to contribute to EPF via i-Saraan.

What is i-Saraan?

Save with Grab Programme entitles driver-partners to receive an additional 5% contribution from Grab by actively maintaining a Gold or Platinum status on GrabAllStars!

How does this work?


Cycle 1: July 2018 – December 2018

Cycle 2: January 2019  – June 2019

Important notes:

  1. Grab 5% contribution is subject to driver-partners’ Gold/ Platinum GrabAllStar status for the period of 4 out of 6 months.
  2. Grab 5% contribution will be topped up in January & July while Government 15% contribution will be topped up in March & September.
  3. 15% Government and 5% Grab contribution are only applicable to drivers below aged 55 years old.
  4. Top-up is done at the end of every 6-month period per cycle. (January – June & July – December).
  5. Recommended contribution to achieve RM330 after 2 cycles is RM1,680.

How much retirement savings can I get in 10 years?

How to opt into the Save with Grab Programme?[b]

  1. Ensure that you have registered for i-Saraan at any EPF offices.
  2. Log into your account at
  3. Opt into “Save with Grab” Programme Voucher.
  4. Fill in EPF number. Agree to Terms & Conditions and click Submit.
  5. You may start contributing via i-Saraan upon registration and continue to maintain Gold / Platinum status.[c]

How do I qualify for Grab’s 5% Contribution.

  1. Voluntarily contribute into your EPF account under i-Saraan.
  2. Maintain status as a Gold/Platinum driver-partner for 4 out of 6 months (July – December)
  3. Driver-Partner who do not qualify for 15% government contribution will not be entitled for 5% contribution from Grab.


I have not registered for i-Saraan, what will I need to do ?

You may visit any EPF offices nationwide to register. After you have registered, you may start contributing voluntarily into your EPF account via i-Saraan.

How long is one cycle?

One cycle will last for 6 months (January – June & July – December). However, as this will be the first cycle, it will start from August – December 2018 and driver-partners will have to maintain Gold or Platinum GrabAllStars status for 4 out of 5 months instead.

When is the latest date to opt-in to the programme?

Driver-partners need to opt-in before 30th September 2018.

When will the full sum of RM330* contribution be topped up into my EPF account?

The RM330 contribution will be topped up into your EPF account within 3 months after end of Cycle 1 and Cycle 2.

I have been contributing to EPF-i-Saraan. Am I still entitled to the 5% contribution from Grab?

Driver-Partners will still need to achieve Gold/Platinum status on GrabAllStars to be eligible for the 5% contribution from Grab. You will also need to provide your valid EPF number on

Can I still register for i-Saraan if I have a monthly contribution from my employer?

i-Saraan is a programme for all Malaysians as long as they fit the criteria. Driver-partners can still contribute to i-Saraan voluntarily but will not receive government 15% contribution or 5% contribution from Grab.

Is there an age limit for this programme?

The Save with Grab Programme is open to all self-employed driver-partners that are under the age of 55.

For terms & conditions, click here.

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