Revised Minimum Acceptance Rate Requirement [For ALL Grabbers]

Dear Grabbers,

As you may have heard, we have been striving hard to reduce excessive job ‘ignores’ in our system, because every 3 ignored jobs leads to 1 failed booking. These excessive ignored jobs reduces the jobs available for all other Grabbers. Therefore, we need to rally your support to protect the income of all our Grabbers. At the same time, we have also heard the feedback from some Grabbers about the recent ‘acceptance bonus & ignore/cancellation fee’ trial programme.

Therefore taking into account the feedback and suggestions, we have revised it to be a simpler, basic system – a minimum acceptance rate (AR) of 30% for all Grabbers to maintain an active Grab account.


More jobs for everyone
As mentioned, for every 3 ignored jobs, 1 booking fails. This leads to fewer available bookings for all our hardworking Grabbers and increases the bad experience for your passengers. So together with your support,  we hope we can prevent excessive ignores, and ensure more jobs will be available for all Grabbers.

Maintain the flexibility to accept bookings which suit your timing and needs.

Simple & easy to track
Keep track of your performance using the AR display on the app.

Starting this week (Monday, 6th March), we will monitor the AR of all Grabbers at the end of each week. If the AR for an account consistently falls below 30%, we will suspend the account until the Grabber attends a refresher session at our driver center. Failing to maintain 30% AR after that will unfortunately lead to a permanent removal from our platform.

Pro-tip: Only toggle on ‘Available for Jobs’ on the Grab app when you are ready to drive.

Have a great week ahead, and drive safely.

It has always been our pleasure having you as our Grabbers.

— Team GrabCar MY

Terms and Conditions

  1. This acceptance rate requirement only applies to all our Klang Valley Grabbers. However, acceptance rate requirements for Grab Ambassador and Grab Pro programmes still apply.
  2. For Grabbers who were part of the previous acceptance bonus & ignore/cancellation fee programme:
    a. We will pay out your remaining acceptance bonus net of ignore/cancellation fee for the previous week
    b. Any accumulated net deductions from previous weeks will no longer be calculated  as we move to implement this new requirement. We will write off any amount owed to us.
  3. As usual, we will continuously monitor your cancellation rates and feedback from passengers.
  4. Please look out for any communications from us (e.g. emails, SMS, calls) as we help lead you to better earnings with fewer ignored jobs through this programme.
  5. Grab remains the right to change the terms & conditions of this programme where necessary.
  6. All decisions made by Grab are final.