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New Incentives Terms and Conditions (Klang Valley & Negeri Sembilan)

The Fine Print

Please remember to read all the fine print to ensure that you qualify for incentives. Also, please do take some time to read the T&Cs in your driver app too to ensure that you are able to perform your best as a Grabber on our platform.

  1. This new earnings structure is for all GrabCar drivers in Klang Valley & Negeri Sembilan, both full-time and part-time.
  2. Starting 9 October onwards, if you’ve opted in before 11:59pm Wednesday, you will be on the Grab Ambassador Programme the NEXT WEEK, provided you have met ALL the terms and conditions of the Grab Ambassador Programme. (For example, Grabbers who opt in from 16 October (Monday) – 18 October (Wednesday) will be on the GA programme from week 23 October – 29 October onwards. If you opt in after 11:59pm Wednesday (18 October), you will only be in the GA programme for week 30 October to 5 November onwards.)
  3. New drivers after 9 October are automatically put into the Grab Associate Programme, where the commission rate is 25%, with the Flexi Bonuses incentive type by default. However, you will have the chance to be charged a 20% commission rate by being loyal and opting to be a Grab Ambassador.
  4. Kindly note that if you have opted in for Hourly Guarantees Incentive Type but are found to have not met the eligibility requirements, you would not qualify for any other incentives.
  5. For Grab Ambassador Programmes, GrabCar will collect a 20% commission from your gross fares, including the guaranteed portion (i.e. 20% commission will apply to both your collected fares AND the top-up portion) *Please note that if you are found driving with another ride-hailing app, you will be permanently placed in the Grab Associate program (25% commission).
  6. For Grab Associate Programmes, GrabCar will collect a 25% commission from your gross fares, including the guaranteed portion (i.e. 25% commission will apply to both your collected fares AND the top-up portion).
  7. Maintain an average Grabber rating of 4.5 and above (effective 20 November 2017) to stay on the Grab platform.
  8. If you have opted in for the Hourly Guarantees Incentive type:
  • Maintain an average DR of 4.7 and above daily (average of the last 100 rated rides are calculated daily).
  • Maintain a daily Acceptance Rating (AR) of at least 80%. Your Acceptance Score in the in-app incentives section will be reset daily to 0%.
  • Payout will be based on your prorated online & available time (note: you must be online AND available for jobs to be eligible for hourly guarantees). The amount of time that you were online & available will be calculated based on the number of minutes your were online for that hourly block. For example, if you are online & available for 45 minutes and complete one trip in that hour, you will be eligible for 75% (45/60 mins) of the guarantee for that hour. To maximize your earnings, do stay online for the full hourly block to get more jobs and increase your total gross earnings! Do note that you need to pick up at least one job per hour in order to qualify for guarantee for that hour.  
  • Minimum Cancellation Rate is not required in order to qualify for earnings. Grabber ask passenger to cancel will not be in included directly within your cancellation rate. However, excessive numbers of complaints will be strictly monitored and taken seriously, and may affect your earnings. 
  • To qualify for hourly guarantees, pick-ups are limited to areas within KLIA, KLIA 2, Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan only. You can drop off anywhere in Klang Valley, Genting Highlands, KLIA, KLIA 2 and Negeri Sembilan. Drop offs outside these areas will not be included for computation of the hourly guarantees.
  • If your fare collected for total trips completed is higher than the gross guaranteed earnings for the hour, you will not be given a further top-up – you will earn the collected fare as per usual. We will only reimburse the difference if your collected fare is lower than the gross guaranteed earnings for the hour.
  1. If you have opted in for the Flexi Bonuses Incentive type:
  • A minimum AR of 30% is required for all Grabbers to maintain an active Grab account. Please note that we may impose higher AR requirements for special bonuses, which you can track via in-app incentives.
  • Maintain an average DR of 4.7 and above (average of the last 100 rated rides are calculated weekly)
  1. RM65 (gross) fare is only applicable for Klang Valley airport bookings to/from KLIA & KLIA 2. Subang Airport is excluded from the RM65 airport campaign.
  2. Earnings will be calculated based on your weekly unique passenger count. Each unique passenger entitles you to ONE completed ride for the week. Only the fare amount of your FIRST unique passenger booking will be considered for the calculation of your hourly guarantees/flexi incentives.
  3. Earned incentives and promos will be topped up into your cash wallet. You are required to press the ‘Cash Out’ button; your money will be credited into your bank account in 1 business day. If you don’t, the money will remain in your cash wallet. 
  4.  For instances where fraudulent bookings or behaviour are found (e.g. Grabber excessively asking passenger to cancel on their behalf), an internal investigation will be conducted by Grab. Grabbers may or may not qualify for earnings payout, depending on the findings of the investigation.
  5. This earning structure is applicable for GrabCar (Economy), GrabCar Plus and GrabCar 6-seater as per the week communicated. Any previous earning structure is not applicable.
  6. We are increasingly aware of many third-party companies that want to advertise on your cars and in your cars, which affects the Grab passenger experience. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, we strongly advise you against signing up with these third-party companies that have not been approved by Grab. We at Grab are working continuously to bring you more opportunities and collaborations with our approved partners. Please stay tuned for updates from us soon.
  7.  All decisions made by Grab are final.