Driving? Why not make some extra money on the way?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please note that the deadline for this campaign has already passed, and we are no longer giving out incentive rewards for this campaign. 

Do you drive into JB Town on weekends? Earn some extra money just by picking someone up when you are on your way! You may earn enough money to pay for the groceries that you’re buying or for the movie you’re watching, so give GrabHitch a try! 

What is GrabHitch?

GrabHitch is a social ride-sharing platform that allows anyone with a car to tompang people going the same way in exchange for a fee. As a GrabHitch driver, you choose your passengers so you can choose the fare that you earn by filtering bookings by the fare, or if you’re not keen on driving too far you can just filter bookings by distance- it’s that simple! There is no minimum driving requirement and GrabHitch currently takes 0% fee from your ride so you earn 100% of the fare!

And the best part? The driver application process can be done through your smartphone in less than 5 minutes, all you need to do is install the Grab App and follow the instructions below:

Signing up with Hitch

  1. Click on the BLUE Drive Icon to sign up as a driver
  2. Upload photos of your driving license (front and back) and a selfie
  3. Your application will be approved in 1-3 business days and you can start GrabHitching from then already!

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Watch this video on how to use GrabHitch!


3 Things You Should Do as a GrabHitch Driver!


  1. Call or Text your passenger to confirm the booking!

The most important thing to do, once you have accepted a passenger is to drop him/her a call or text to tell them about it. This would make the picking up process very much easier once you can identify and make necessary arrangements (such as exact pickup location, timing, number of passengers, etc).


  1. Do not cancel on the ride! 

    But if you have to… ?

It affects your Hitch buddy because they have to look for another alternative if you cancel. However, if you absolutely have to cancel the ride due to unforeseen circumstances, inform your passenger as early as possible (we recommend at least 60 minutes in advance).

In our fast paced society, most people want to get to their destination in a timely fashion. Be considerate and inform them you are not able to make it so that they may plan for other modes of transport!



  1. Be sociable!

Greet your new Hitch buddy with a genuine smile and say ‘Hi’ when they get into the car. A simple “Good morning, how’s your day” can be a great ice breaker! Crack jokes and include lots of laughter in your conversations. This leaves a more positive and lasting impression of you. If you and your passengers breakout into a carpool karaoke, record it down and send it to us! We’d love to see it!


Terms and Conditions:

  • This promotion is only valid for new driver sign ups on GrabHitch
  • To qualify for the RM30 credit, the driver must have successfully done 1 GrabHitch ride as a driver.
  • RM30 will only be credited to the driver wallet after the promotional period has ended.
  • This RM30 driver signup bonus incentive ends 31 October 2016.
  • GrabHitch reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at anytime without prior notice.