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GrabCar (Economy) Weekly Earning Structure – Kuching

| 23 Apr – 29 Apr, 2018 |

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Dear Driver-partners,

Thank you for always ensuring your passengers reach their destinations safely. A little good deed goes a long way! Let’s continue to drive Kuching forward, one ride at a time.

// Incentives in Driver App [UPDATE]

Good news! Starting April 17, you will be able to clearly see the breakdown of net and gross incentives earned in the Incentives section of the Driver App. Please update your driver app to the latest version for this feature.

// How do Hourly Guarantees work?

Here’s a quick refresher video on how the hourly guarantees incentive type works:

*Please read the fine print and refer to the busy area map for full details

Tips for Higher Ratings!

Find out how you can be rated more highly by your passenger over here.

  • 20% commission rate for those who opted-in before 16 March 2018.
  • 25% commission rate for for those who didn’t opt-in and new driver-partners.


Make sure you satisfy the following requirements for earnings.

*Stay online and active throughout the entire hourly block (60 minutes each block) to earn the max gross guarantee.

Referral Bonus

Refer a friend to become a GrabCar Grabber and earn an RM75 nett referral bonus, your friend gets RM20 nett! Please fill in your Full Name or IC Number into the “Referral By Driver” column in our registration form.

  1. Referral bonus will only be paid out when the newly referred Grabber completes 30 trips within 14 days. Only applicable for newly referred drivers within Kuching.
  2. As the Grabber who referred the new Grabber, you need to maintain a minimum of 5 trips per week (20 trips per month) in order to be considered ‘active’ and eligible for referral bonus.

To increase your earnings, be at busy areas during peak hours! Busy areas have higher numbers of people wanting bookings, meaning more jobs for you. Please refer to the busy areas on this live Google Maps link.

Busy Hours:

Monday – Friday: 6.00am-9.00am, 12.00pm-2.00pm & 4.00pm-8.00pm

Friday & Saturday: 8.00pm-1.00am

Saturday & Sunday: 5.00pm-8.00pm

For more info, check out the T&C over here.