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GrabCar (Economy) Weekly Earning Structure – Kota Kinabalu

| 16 July – 22 July, 2018 |

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Dear Driver-partners,

Thank you for always ensuring your passengers reach their destinations safely. A little good deed goes a long way! Let’s continue to drive Kota Kinabalu forward, one ride at a time.

Take care, drive safe, and have a productive week ahead!

// Incentive and Bonus Updates

Kindly note that by 23 July 2018, the incentive and bonus updates will be shown in the driver app ONLY (In-app incentive section and in-app inbox messages).

Reminders to all Grab Driver-partners in UMS

1. No illegal U-Turn

3. Do not block the road especially bus stops

4. No smoking/vaping in UMS

5. No speeding in UMS area

6. Must register at the gate, obtain entry passes and return the pass after leaving UMS

7. Abide all rules/regulations that have been enforced in UMS

*Stay online and active throughout the entire hourly block (60 minutes each block) to earn the max gross guarantee.


Tips for Higher Ratings!

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