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GrabCar (Economy) Weekly Earning Structure – Kota Bharu

| 16 July – 22 July, 2018 |

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To find out more about this week’s incentive and bonus, you may refer to the tables below.

Registration of new drivers can be made in our registration form here. Please make sure your friend fills in your full name or IC number into the “Referral by Driver” column in our registration form.

*To view the maps, click the links below:

  1. Ketereh
  2. Pasir Mas
  3. Tumpat
  4. Tanah Merah
  5. Jerteh
  6. Pasir Puteh
  7. Machang
  8. Bachok
  9. Rantau Panjang
  10. Kuala Besut
  11. Cherang Ruku
  12. Taxi Area

// Incentive and Bonus Updates [For All Drivers]

Kindly note that in the next two weeks, we will slowly move away from blogs. By 30 July 2018, the incentive and bonus updates will be shown in the driver app ONLY (In-app incentive section and in-app inbox messages).

// Weekly Minimum AR Tracker – [For All Drivers] – NEW!

Kindly note that you can now monitor your weekly AR across all taxi types in the in-app incentives section as well. Please refer to the scheme titled ‘FOR REFERENCE ONLY: Weekly Minimum AR’. 

// Driver of the week

One of our drivers has earned a total of RM303 incentives from Area Bonus and Besut Jetty Bonus, which is the highest incentive earning for last week! Complete trips in the designated area and you could be next driver-partner with the highest incentive earnings this week!

// KBR Queue Allocation Feature

We are happy to announce that this new feature, effective 12 April 2018, will help you receive jobs in Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in a more systematic way. When you have received a job, please use GrabChat to inform passengers that you’re on the way. Click here to know more.

// Airport House Rules

The Sultan Ismail Petra Airport is a pick up & drop off location for passengers in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. In appreciation of the collaboration that we have with the airport management and our on-going effort to ensure safety, smooth traffic and harmony at the airport, a few rules have been put in place for our driver-partners that operate at the airport:

  1. You must adhere to the traffic rules at the airport area.
  2. Driver-partners are not allowed to park your car at the airport area except for areas areas you are allowed to by the airport management. For example, the airport parking lot.
  3. Driver-partners are not allowed to wait at the terminal area. If your GPS coordinates indicate that you are at the terminal area or if the airport management reports you, actions like warning or suspension will be taken.
  4. Driver-partners are to maintain a good image as drivers. For tourist arriving to Kota Bharu, the airport is their first contact for the area. As such, Driver-partners need to showcase good image in terms of dressing, conduct and speech. For more tips on how to improve your rating, click here.

// Kampung Sireh Kota Bharu BusTerminal House Rules [For All Drivers]

Photo credit: Google Maps

Legend :

X – Area where drivers are not allowed to wait or park

Y – Waiting/parking area

Z – Area where drivers are not allowed to pick up/drop off

1. Driver-partners are not allowed to wait at area X, which is situated in front of the taxi station of the bus terminal

2. Driver-partners are not allowed to pick up or drop off passengers around area Z which is near to the taxi station

3. Driver-parners can go to the Y area which is a designated area for drivers to park/wait.

// Tips for Higher Ratings [For All Drivers]

Find out how you can be rated higher by your passengers over here.

Please ensure you meet the requirements below to qualify incentives for this programme.

For more info, check out the T&C over here.

// Team GrabCar MY