Enjoy Bonus Points with Grab Mesra Fuel Savers Programme

Available to Silver, Gold & Platinum driver-partners nationwide

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As part of Grab’s #BetterEveryday commitment, we’re working with Petronas to help driver-partners* reduce their fuel cost by introducing the Grab Mesra Fuel Savers Programme!

You will be able to enjoy bonus points on top of the 3x Mesra points collected** whenever you fuel up or spend at any Mesra stores.

* Only for Silver, Gold & Platinum driver-partners.
** Must swipe Mesra card to be eligible for points

How does this programme work?

It’s easy, spend the minimum monthly amount stated below, either by fueling up or making purchases from Mesra stores to be eligible for the bonus points. You will receive your bonus points in your Mesra card in the following month, and use as a rebate to ease your fuel expenses! Here’s how it works:

How do I sign up for this programme?

  1. Launch your Grab driver app and click on ‘GrabBenefits’
  2. Click ‘Grab Fuel Savers Programme’ Voucher
  3. Click ‘Save This Benefit’ 
  4. Click ‘Use Now’ (you will only need to opt-in once)
  5. Fill up the form and click ‘Opt in’
  6. Start spending and receive your bonus point in the following month.


1. Who are eligible for the Grab Mesra Fuel Savers Programme?

All Silver, Gold and Platinum driver-partners are eligible for the Grab Mesra Fuel Savers Programme. Just spend the minimum monthly amount and you will be eligible for bonus points!

2. What is the difference between the old Grab Mesra Fuel Savers Programme and the new one?

We have improved the amount of the bonus points that you will receive whenever you spend the total amount of RM300 and RM600. Check out the details in the table below:

3. Where can I get a Mesra Card?

You can get a Mesra card by signing up at any Petronas station.

4. What do I need to do to be entitled for the bonus points?

To be entitled, you MUST swipe your Mesra card every time you fuel up or spend in any Mesra store.

Once you hit the minimum spend of RM300 or RM600, your bonus points will automatically be credited into your Mesra card in the following month.

5. Do purchases made from the Mesra store count as points?

Besides fuel purchases, purchases made from the Mesra stores are eligible for points EXCEPT for any top ups, cigarettes and other non-points issuance items.

6. Which are the participating Petronas stations in the Grab Fuel Savers Programme?

ALL Petronas stations nationwide are participating in this programme.

7. Can I claim for points if I forget to swipe my card during purchases?

Unfortunately, if you forget to swipe your card, you will not be able to claim your points later on.

8. When will the bonus points be credited to my Mesra card?

Bonus points collected from current month will be credited into your account in the following month.

9. If I opted in on 10 January, when will my spend period start?

Your spend period for the month will start on 1 January and will end on 31 January. If you have spent the minimum monthly amount in January, you will then receive your bonus points in February.

10. I lost my Mesra Card but have gotten a new Mesra Card. How can I update my Mesra Card number for this programme?

Kindly submit your new card number via Help Centre. See link below:



To read the terms & conditions of this programme, click here.


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