Fix My City Campaign (ver2)


Untuk versi BM, sila klik sini.

At Grab, the journey to improving your experience never stops. Fix My City is our initiative to spot bad pick up/ drop off points and fix them. To do that, we need your help to help highlight these points.

All you need to do is fill up a form here:

You can fill up our form for the following:

  • A location that needs to be fixed
  • A new location that does not exist in our app.

How to get your Google Plus Code using your phone?


1. Open Google Maps on your phone. Type in the location 

2. Type in the location name.

3. Tap and hold on the location icon (Red Icon) for 5 seconds.

4. Click ‘More Info’ and copy the Google Plus Code.

How to get your Google Plus Code using your desktop?

1. Go to the the Google Plus Code website here:

2. Type the location name on the search bar. Press the white box to get more information.

3. Copy the Google Plus Code.

Terms and conditions of Campaign 

  1. All required sections in the form have to be filled up to have the POI fixed within 30 days
  2. Submission of incomplete forms will NOT be entertained
  3. At the  moment, this campaign is only available in Kuching, Kuantan, Ipoh.
  4. The Campaign will run on from 19 October 2017. The Organiser reserved the sole and absolute right to alter or end the Campaign at any time prior to the expiry of the Campaign Period without giving any prior notice and no compensation in cash or in kind shall be given.