KLIA Queue – Introducing Mitsui Outlet Park Wait Area

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For your comfort while waiting for jobs from KLIA 1 and KLIA 2, Grab driver-partners will have the option of waiting at *Mitsui Outlet Park from 1 August 2019 onwards. Driver-partners should maintain good behaviour while waiting in the mall or food court for airport jobs.

Refer to the section ‘Parking at Mitsui Outlet Park’ for more details on parking fees and ‘Food & Beverage at Mitsui Outlet Park’ for more details on F&B subsidies.

*IMPORTANT: You may move between KLIA Landside Operations, Charter Field Town and Mitsui Outlet Park. However, you have 15 minutes to move between these areas to maintain your queue position.

Please refer to the map below for all KLIA Queue wait areas.

Parking at Mitsui Outlet Park

Grab driver-partners must ONLY park at Zone C2.

Special parking rates for Grab driver-partners:

1) Monday – Friday (except Public Holidays):

  • RM 2 for 1st hour
  • RM 1 for subsequent hours
  • Subsidised parking rates are only applicable during Mitsui Outlet Park Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm

2) Public holidays and weekends:

  • Standard rate of RM 2 per hour

Follow the steps below to redeem your parking subsidy:

STEP 1: Choose Mitsui Outlet Park Parking Subsidy voucher on GrabBenefits and click ‘Save This Benefit’. Please save the voucher BEFORE getting an airport booking. 

STEP 2: Head over to the concierge counter and click ‘Use Now’ to redeem your parking subsidy. 

STEP 3: Pass your phone to the concierge staff to get the 4-digit pin. Once verified, the staff will stamp your parking ticket. 

STEP 4: Once you receive a booking, make payment for parking accordingly. You must exit within 15 minutes after making payment.

*IMPORTANT: As the parking subsidy redemption may take some time, we recommend you to move to Landside Operations once your queue position is <100 to avoid making your passenger waits for too long. You will also NOT be able to access GrabBenefits once you have received a job.


Food & Beverage at Mitsui Outlet Park

Grab driver-partners will be able to enjoy:-

  • 10% discount at the Foodcourt – applicable all-year round; even on public holidays and weekends.
  • FREE water/chinese tea with every purchase of food.

Follow the steps below to redeem the food & beverage discount

STEP 1: Go to GrabBenefits in driver app and save the MOP Foodcourt Voucher

STEP 2: Once you have saved the benefit, click ‘Use Now’ and pass your phone to the food court cashier upon payment to enter 4-digit pin. Enjoy 10% discount once the 4-digit pin is verified and confirmed.

Note: Operating hours at Mitsui Outlet Park is from 10am to 10pm daily.


I can’t redeem from GrabBenefits. What do I do?

Just show your Driver App and provide your Grab-registered phone number to the Grab staff.


Kindly be reminded that all members of the Grab community are required to follow the Code of Conduct and Terms of Services.