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GrabCar (Economy) Weekly Earning Structure – Penang

| 12 March – 18 March, 2018 |

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Dear Driver-partners,

Thank you for always ensuring your passengers reach their destinations safely. A little good deed goes a long way! Let’s continue to drive Penang forward, one ride at a time.

Take care, drive safe, and have a productive week ahead!

// Opt-in to be a Grab Ambassador before 16 March 2018  

We regret to inform that weekly opt-in for GA will be closed after 15 March 2018. If you wish to be our Grab Ambassador and enjoy a 20% commission rate, here is your last chance. Click below to opt-in before 11:59PM, 15 March 2018. 

Opt in now button.png

As a thank you for your support, all existing Grab Ambassadors will continue to enjoy the lower commission and GrabAllStar benefits.


Starting 19 March 2018, there will be only one hourly guarantee table with the higher tier amount for all hourly guarantee drivers to refer to.

*The usual GA requirements and rules will apply.

// Increased Minimum Fare

Good news! The minimum fare for Penang has been increased to RM4! Now you can earn more from each ride.

// For Grab Ambassadors & Associates

We have updated your hourly guarantees for the week. Do familiarise yourselves with the tables so you can increase your earnings!

PG-Mainland busy area, click here.

Mainland Penang area ,click here.

Example for Special Mainland Bonus:

Trip A (eligible for bonus) – Pick up in Prai & Drop off in Mainland Penang

Trip B (not eligible for bonus) – Pick up in Georgetown & Drop off in Mainland Penang

Trip C (not eligible for bonus) – Pick up in Bukit Mertajam & Drop off in Georgetown

  • 20% commission rate
  • Benefits: highest hourly guarantees, GrabAllStars rewards programme, priority to additional earnings (i.e. car wraps)

Check out the Grab Ambassador Hourly Guarantees for this week:

*Stay online and active throughout the entire hourly block (60 minutes each block) to earn the max gross guarantee.

**Figures shown above is before commission deduction.


  • 25% commission rate
  • Benefits: hourly guarantees, limited GrabAllStars rewards programme

For those who did not opt in, you will automatically fall under the Grab Associate Programme, subject to fulfilling the requirements for Grab Associate Programme.

Check out the Grab Associate Hourly Guarantees for this week:

*Stay online and active throughout the entire hourly block (60 minutes each block) to earn the max gross guarantee.

**Figures shown above is before commission deduction.


If you have not opt-in to be a Grab Ambassador, you can opt-on now:

 Opt in now button.png

The opt-in form will close on Thursday, 11:59PM.

Once you are in the Grab Ambassador programme, you do not need to opt in again. You will remain in the programme unless you are caught violating the loyalty clause. 

Referral Bonus

Refer your friend to become a GrabCar driver and earn RM50*!

  • Referral bonus will only be paid out when the newly referred Grabber completes ​40 trips within 30 days from the day of activation. Only applicable for newly referred drivers within Penang.
  • As the Grabber who referred the new Grabber, you need to maintain a minimum of 5 trips per week (20 trips per month) in order to be considered ‘active’ and eligible for referral bonus.
  • Fill in your Full Name or Car Plate Number into the “Referral By Driver” column in our registration form.

Please access our registration form over here.

Be at our identified BUSY AREAS during peak hours! Busy areas have higher number of bookings, which means more jobs for you. Please refer to the busy areas on this live Google Maps link.

For more info, check out the T&C over here.

// Team GrabCar MY