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GrabCar (Economy) Weekly Earning Structure – Klang Valley

| 14 May – 20 May, 2018 |

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// Masking bank account information

Kindly note that moving forward, you will only be able to view the last 4-digit of your bank account number in the driver app. We will release this design change in stages, effective Monday (14 May 2018).

// Passenger No-show Cancellation

If the passenger does not show up after you’ve arrived at the pick-up point, you can now cancel the job with the assurance that your Cancellation Rate remains unaffected. Click here to find out more!

// Completion Bonus feature

Introducing the Completion Bonus feature, a feature that rewards you instantly, ONLY for jobs completed at a certain location and time. When you see a Completion Bonus in your job card, Grab will pay the extra amount into your cash wallet immediately after the trip ends!

**We might use this feature for pick up bonuses in the future to reward you faster. Stay tuned for more updates on this!


1. The Completion Bonus will only be shown on the job card and in your job history, not in your in-app incentive.

2. Please DO NOT collect the bonus amount from the passenger as you will see the bonus in your cash wallet after the trip.

3. Kindly download the latest app version to enjoy this new feature.

  • 20% commission rate for those who opted-in before 16 March 2018
  • 25% commission rate for for those who didn’t opt-in before 16 March 2018 and new driver-partners

*Stay online and active throughout the entire hourly block (60 minutes each block) to earn the max gross guarantee.

**Figures shown above is before commission deduction.

Incentive Requirements

  • Minimum DR of 4.7 daily (rolling average from last 100 rides)
  • Minimum AR > 80% daily
  • NO daily CR requirement

Example for all Hourly Guarantees:

To view your daily AR & DR, you have to go the incentive section of the driver app.

Flexibility to drive at your own time and pace while maintaining the necessary requirements.

  • 20% commission rate for those who opted-in before 16 March 2018
  • 25% commission rate for for those who didn’t opt-in before 16 March 2018 and new driver-partners
  • Benefits:

  • Please check the in-app incentive section regularly for any weekly trip bonuses (i.e. weekend cashback commission, festival bonuses)
  • Please note that we may impose higher AR requirements for special bonuses, which you can track via in-app incentives.

Incentive Requirements

  • Weekly minimum DR of 4.7 star rating
  • AR requirements vary according to different incentive schemes

To view your weekly AR & DR, please refer to the scheme titled ‘FOR REFERENCE ONLY: Weekly Minimum AR’.

If you would like to switch to a different incentive type (hourly guarantees or flexi bonuses), kindly click the button below for next week.

Opt in now button.png

The opt-in form will close every Wednesday, 11:59PM.

Others : GrabShare, Airport bonus, Midnight surcharge

1. GrabShare Bonus

  • Flexi ONLY
  • Earn these bonuses when you complete GrabShare rides weekly (matched and unmatched rides):
  • Complete 5 GrabShare rides for RM20
  • Complete 10 GrabShare rides for RM40
  • Complete 15 GrabShare rides for RM60
  • Requirements : Minimum AR > 50% and DR of 4.7 and above.
  • GrabShare rides will still contribute to any ad-hoc incentives you may receive over the week.
  • Learn how you can increase your earnings with GrabShare here. For more info, check out the full GrabShare FAQs here.

2. Airport Bonus

Earn more when you pick up or drop off passengers to or from KLIA / KLIA 2! This bonus is valid only for GrabCar jobs and is the same across ALL days of the week:

The areas shaded in green in the maps below show the area coverage by distance. Please refer to the in-app incentive section for a more accurate image.

Image 1: Area 1

Image 2: Area 2

Fares to Rawang and Kuala Selangor will be calculated on a per KM basis like normal fares.

3. Midnight surcharge

For every job carried out from 12AM – 6AM, there will be an additional surcharge of *RM 1!

*The additional surcharge of RM1 will not be applicable if rides fall under minimum fare guarantee.

For more info, check out the T&C over here.

// Team GrabCar MY