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GrabCar (Economy) Weekly Earning Structure – Kangar

| 9 April – 15 April, 2018 |

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Dear Driver-partners,

Thank you for always ensuring your passengers reach their destinations safely. A little good deed goes a long way! Let’s continue to drive Kangar forward, one ride at a time.

Take care, drive safe, and have a productive week ahead!

// Reminder: AR / CR / DR requirements

Please take note, to remain on the Grab platform:

  • Minimum AR is 30% 
  • Minimum DR is 4.5 
  • No maximum CR but your CR shouldn’t exceed 15% to be eligible for incentives.

(We trust that our driver-partners will cancel within reasonable limits. As a general rule, ONLY cancel a booking if a passenger doesn’t show up and/or if you’ve waited for too long*. Disciplinary action will be taken on driver-partners who are found cancelling/requesting passenger to cancel excessively and without valid reasons in the week.)

To view your weekly AR / CR / DR versus the minimum requirement, and to track your incentive eligibility requirements please refer to your weekly incentive schemes in the in-app incentives section.

For the map of Padang Besar & UniMAP Pauh Pick Up Bonus, click here.

Busy Areas :

  • 20% commission rate for those who opted-in before 16 March 2018
  • 25% commission rate for for those who didn’t opt-in before 16 March 2018 and new driver-partners

To increase your earnings, be at busy areas during peak hours! Busy areas have a higher surge of passengers, which means more jobs for you! Please refer to the busy areas on this live Google Maps link. 

For more info, check out the T&C over here.

// Team GrabCar MY