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Basic Requirements to be a GrabCar Driver & FAQ


Basic Requirements

  • Malaysian Citizen below 70 years old (Blue IC)
  • Full Malaysian Driving License (P License is not accepted)
  • Must use own personal Bank Account created under NRIC
  • Able to communicate in English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Check rejected Grabcar List >> Grab Service Types Malaysia
  • Medical check up (50 – 69 years old) and/or has an existing medical condition that may render him/her unfit to drive
  • Clean background check:
    • No Criminal Record
    • Not more than 3 traffic summons in recent one year (Including speeding, hit and run, dangerous driving and etc)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have signed up yesterday. What is my next step?

A: You will receive an email from Grab to guide you on the below 3 steps:

1. Complete Driver Registration Form online at
* Registered Grab Email must be exactly same with phone Playstore/Appstore
2. Complete Driver Training and Quiz at
*  Create a new account and own password by using the same registered email above
3. Document Verification
* Bring along required document. Attached herewith the locations for document verification >>

Q: What is the document required to bring for document verification?

A: NRIC, Driving License, Car Insurance Cover Note(Hard Copy), Grant and Medical Form(if required)

Q: How to check my driver account activation status after completed all 3 steps above?

A: Your driver account will be activated on the spot or within 24 hours once you have walk in to Grab Driver Center/Kiosks with complete document.

Q: How do I know my driver account is activated?

A: You will receive a SMS notification once your driver account is activated.

Q: Can I use bank account created under my passport ID or Army ID?

A: No. Only personal bank account created under driver NRIC will be accepted in Grab.

Q: What if my Insurance Cover Note is incomplete?

A: Please attach with car Grant, road tax, endorsement/official authorization letter as supporting references. We need to ensure the documents submitted included with ALL details below (Not handwritten) : –
1. Insured Name (Driver Full Name)
2. Car Model & Plate Number
3. Year of manufacture
4. Period of coverage (Expiry Date)

Q: What should I provide if my Insurance Cover Note does not contain my name as Insured Drivers?

A: Kindly provide us additional document (Either 1) below that state your Full Name is one of the Insured Drivers. Handwritten letters are NOT allowed.:
1. Endorsement from Insurance company
2. Authorization Letter -Signed by Vehicle owner (Accept if only CN stated All/Any Drivers)
3. Authorization Letter -Chop & signed by Company (Accept if only CN stated All/Any Drivers)
4. Rental Agreement -Chop & signed by Company


GrabCar Drivers Account Update

Q: Will I be notified if my document is expiring soon?

A: Yes. We will send an email and SMS reminder 30 days, 14 days and 7 days before the expiry date.

Q: What will happened when my driving license and Insurance expired?

A: Grab will deactivate your driver account on the date of expiry for document update purpose.

Q: Do I need to contact Grab after my submission via the link provided?

A: No. If you have updated renewed document with your registered Grab email and correct link , your driver account will be activated within 48 hours.

Q: I have uploaded my Driving License, however, my account still haven’t reactivate after 48 hours?

A: Kindly contact Help Centre or walk in Grab Driver Centre with renewed document. Reasons that might caused the information not updated in system

1. Use different or wrong email to update
2. Use wrong link to update
3. Uploaded expired document
4. Uploaded after document expired

Q: How do I change my registered details like profile picture, phone number, and etc?

A: Kindly contact us via Help Center on Grab Driver Apps or  click here Changing My Account Info

Q: How do I change my vehicle details like Insurance Expiry Date & New Car Plate?

A: Kindly contact us via Help Center on Grab Driver Apps or  click here Changing My Vehicle Info


GrabCar Service Types

Q: What is the requirement for Grab MPV 6 seater service? 

A: GrabCar MPV (6-seater) service allows drivers who drive a 6-seater car to pick-up and drop-off groups of 1-6 passengers and receive higher fares in return.  This service can be added and removed upon drivers request.

Q: How do I upgrade my vehicle as I’m driving a 6 seater vehicle now? 

A: Kindly contact us via Help Center on Grab Driver Apps or click here How to upgrade service type

Q: I have registered with Perodua Axia. Can I add Toyota Avanza to activate under Grab MPV 6 seater service?

A: No. We do not accept 2 different cars registered in one driver account.


Grab Driver Features

Q: How does Back2Back Job work?

A: Back2Back Job is a Grab feature launched in 2017. B2B feature minimizes waiting time between jobs to increase your earnings. Once you accept the job, you may proceed to pick up next passenger after you drop off your current passenger. Therefore, you are available to accept next job (Near your Drop Off Location) as you completed your existing trip.

Q: How does GrabShare work and how do I deal with incoming jobs?

A: GrabShare is a carpooling service. Grab Drivers can now potentially earn more by receiving two fares from two jobs. Maximum of 2 passengers per booking. Kindly check out GrabShare driver FAQs at

Q: What is Grab Multi-stop Ride?

A: Multi-stop Ride is a system which allows passengers to set 2 drop off points in the Grab application with fixed fares. Passenger are not allowed to add an extra stop via their app while in transit. Currently available in Klang Valley.


Grab Guidelines

Q: What is Grab Community Guidelines?

A: Kindly refer to >>


Drivers Account & Setup

Q: I have registered in Grab JB. Can I walk in verify my document in Klang Valley?

A:  No. Kindly walk in to Grab Driver Centre/Kiosks based on your registered city for document verification.

Grab driver can only be verified and activated in their registered city. This is to make sure all Grab drivers are who they say they are and Grab policy for safety purpose.

Q: My driver account in Klang Valley is inactive or resigned more than 6 months [Not banned or terminated by Grab]. Do I need to register a new one? How do I reactivate?

A: No, no new registration required for the same city. Each Grab drivers can only be activated with ONE driver account in each city. Please request for driver account reinstatement via Help Centre or walk in Grab Driver Centre to look for Partner Support Team. Grab Driver Centre is currently only available for drivers in Klang Valley, Johor Bahru, Penang, Kota Kinabalu & Kuching.

Q:  How to change the city I’m driving in? I’m a GrabCar driver in Klang Valley. I would like to drive in both Klang Valley and Penang now. 

A: With Multi-city Support feature launched in Grab Malaysia on 20 August 2018, you can continue driving across into other cities and still receive jobs! However, new city job will not count towards your home city incentive targets.

If you would like to permanently change your home city(incentive), you can apply for the change using this link I would like to change the city I’m driving in

Q: How do I temporary deactivate my driver account for one month due to personal issue?

A: Contact us via Help Center on Grab Driver Apps or How to deactivate my driver account

Q: How do I permanently terminate my driver account?

A: Contact us via Help Center on Grab Driver Apps or How to deactivate my driver account Remark with clear description.