Back2Back will help the driver to eliminate the waiting time of getting the next job.

This will maximise the number of jobs that a driver can take per hour  especially at a high demand area(depending on traffic or mobile phone signal permits.)


How does Back2Back  works ? 

As the driver approaches the drop off point of the current passenger, a new job will come in.

Please accept the job  even if you still have your current passenger in the car.

Proceed to pick up your next passenger right  after you drop off your current passenger

Your next passenger will see from his/her passenger app that you are currently dropping off another passenger, along with your estimated arrival time


Reminder : Back2Back Jobs affect your Acceptance, Star and Cancellation Rating…    Treat it like any other normal trips

Please turn off  the “AVAILABLE” button if you are stuck in a bad traffic or if you are not able to take another job after your recent job.

Scenarios when you should turn off the “AVAILABLE” button is :

-waiting for change / payment from passenger

-shopping mall drop off queue

-shopping mall different entrance location

-airport while you are dropping off passenger with baggages.