With this brand new Grab feature, you can now focus on driving and maximising your earnings without worrying about missing jobs!

What’s more, you’re always in control because you always have the choice to decide anytime when you want to drive with Auto Accept – the feature can be turned on or off whenever you like. Watch the video to find out more.

Video Length: 1:44 mins.



Can I choose when to drive with Auto Accept?

Yes! You’re always in control with Auto Accept. You can decide when to toggle Auto Accept on or off. When Auto Accept is on, jobs will be accepted automatically for you.


How do I toggle Auto Accept on and off?

For driver-partners on Android, the toggle button can be found under Settings. For driver-partners on iOS, the toggle button can be found in the Driver Profile page. If you need to turn it off in a hurry, please toggle off the unavailable for jobs button and you will stop receiving jobs until you toggle on the availability button.


How do I know if Auto Accept is on?

If Auto Accept is on, the lightning icon next to your availability button will be green. Please note that tapping on the lightning icon will not toggle Auto Accept on and off.