Attract new consumers

Get potential consumers to consider your brand, and reward them when they engage or purchase.

Target new users with real spending power

Get in front of the right users at the right time. Across the region, millions use Grab’s services with over 60% transacting every time they open the app.

Reward users for their first step

Offer potential consumers samples they can redeem in app or in stores, GrabRewards Points when they sign up, or discounts when they check out.

Turn a ride into a chance to sample

Complete your in-car ads with samples. Track which users accepted your sample, get their feedback, and retarget them in the future.

Start growing your consumer base with GrabAds today.

What other businesses did

Success story 01
See how Lazada boosted its impressions and sales

Boost impressions within 3 days

LAZADA’S strategy

To promote its 8th birthday sale in Malaysia, Lazada successfully used the Grab Masthead to
increase its product impressions and bring users to its website to purchase. It exceeded its
target of 3.5 million impressions.

Formats used


3 days




Engagement rate


Click through rate

Success story 02
See how Shell promoted its campaign video

Maximise unique reach

Indosat’s strategy

To promote IM3’s Freedom Internet package to users across Indonesia, Indosat ran a Native Image ad that led them to its website. By capping the frequency at 1 impression a day to maximise unique reach and click throughs, it exceeded its target of 4.7 million impressions.

Formats used


8 weeks




Click through rate


Clicks to in-app

Tips for you


Show clear value and relevance through the consumer’s lens in your ad


Retarget users in-app after they are exposed to your in-car ad


Identify which targeted audiences were the most engaged for future campaigns

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