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Try GrabWheels.

There’s now an exciting way to travel. Ride through town with GrabWheels eScooters!

Why GrabWheels?

Easy to Ride

Fuss-free eScooter rentals. Just scan to unlock, and park to end trip.


Scoot to your destination in style

Go Green

Lower your carbon footprint through green commuting


Equipped with helmets, our scooters meet UL2272 safety standards, an assurance of our commitment to your safety.

Start Wheeling

Note: The GrabWheels app is new and separate from the existing Grab app.
You will however need both for your riding convenience.

How It Works


GrabWheels is an app that gives you access to personal mobility devices (eScooters) in Indonesia. Use GrabWheels to complete your commute to work, university, to the shop or just to feel a little breeze.

Found a scooter? Start riding in 4 steps.

1. Open the GrabWheels app
2. Tap on the scooter from the app to check its battery level
3. Scan the QR code on the right side of the scooter handlebar
4. Enjoy your scooter ride!

Tip: Ensure your mobile data and Bluetooth are both turned on throughout the ride.

To locate the nearest available scooter, launch the GrabWheels app to view the map.

Currently, you can find GrabWheels scooters at Green Office Park (BSD City). GrabWheels will roll-out progressively to more locations across the country

Before unlocking:
* Battery level
– Tap on the scooter from the app to check its battery level
Before riding, do a quick check of the following (it’ll take less than a minute):

* Brakes
– Test the brakes by pressing the red button

* Kickstand
– Check that the kickstand is disengaged before moving off

* Surroundings
– Check that there is nobody close to you before moving off

Riding is simple, and it’s easy too if you’ve used a kick scooter or bicycle before. Step-by-step instructions are below, but if you’re new to electric scooters, err on the side of caution while riding!

1. Accelerate by kicking once and pressing the right green button
2. Slow down or stop by pressing the foot brake or the left red button
3. Ring the bell if necessary to alert pedestrians
4. Always stop and look out for vehicles at road junctions, and give way to pedestrians at all times

Park your scooter only at a designated GrabWheels parking spot. They are marked by the P icon on the map in the app. If the nearest GrabWheels parking spot is full, refer to the map on your app to locate another one near you.

Here’s how to complete the GrabWheels trip:

1. Position and park the scooter in the GrabWheels special parking lot
2. Scan the QR code available in the parking lot
3. Press End Trip in the application