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GrabHitch is a motorcycle hitch service that makes commuting affordable while protecting the environment. GrabHitch aims to match drivers with an empty seat in their motorcycle with passengers going the same way.

GrabBike, GrabTaxi, GrabCar are on-demand taxi services focused on allocating the nearest vehicle to transport passengers whereas GrabHitch is a pre-scheduled motorcycle hitch service that aims to pair potential passengers with commuters who are going the same way.

No, all costs are shown clearly beforehand. No other hidden costs will be incurred and tolls are to be borne by the driver.

Grabhitch is a social carpooling platform where drivers are just regular folks like you and me, offering empty seat in their motorcycle for their daily travels. As a common courtesy, kindly contact the driver before cancelling your booking. Although no cancellation fees will be incurred upon passengers, try to avoid last minute cancellations as the driver might already be on his/her way to pick you up.

Please click here to sign up GrabHitch Driver.

Payment is easy! If you have GrabPay (credit card) enabled, your card will be charged automatically by the end of the ride. Otherwise, you can also select the payment by cash option when you make the booking.

You can create all your bookings through the GrabHitch tab in the Grab app. Just set your pick-up and drop-off points, schedule a trip from 30 minutes up to 7 days in advance, select book and our servers will ping your route request to drivers who share similar journeys.

You’ll be notified via SMS and in-app notification if a driver accepts your booking. A reminder will be sent to you 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. You can book an unlimited amount of rides a day.

Your journey fare is calculated based on your pickup and dropoff locations. It will be displayed in the app once you input these locations.

We suggest that you not board the vehicle and report the incident to us. Please report the incident to us at +6221 8064 8777 (helpline) or

Do write it down in the ‘Notes to driver’ box before you make your booking, and after the driver accepts your booking, we suggest you to SMS the driver to double-check. It never hurts to ask!

You’ll only be matched with drivers that fit your schedule. Once a driver accepts your booking, you will be notified via SMS. Do note that your booking might only be matched for certain days in your schedule and not all of them. If you have been accepted by a driver and the driver did not turn up, try to contact the driver first, and if he/she remains uncontactable, cancel the trip and request for another ride. Please report the incident to us at +6221 8064 8777 (helpline) or

If the new trip is not too different from the previously created one, it should not be a problem, just contact your driver and give your driver a heads up. Be polite! If it is a significant change, we suggest that you create a new request in the app and cancel the previous one. Out of courtesy, do contact your driver to let him know why you are cancelling the ride.

Currently GrabHitch core service area is in Jabodetabek but we are working very hard to expand our areas of coverage.

GrabHitch drivers are regular folks who are travelling along their usual routes on their daily commutes, unlike GrabCar which is an on-demand service. Hence, it is up to the drivers to offer you a Hitch, based on their schedules and availability. Morning and evening peak hour commutes are your best bet to get a ride. We are constantly increasing our driver pool so please be patient and input your trip plans early to get a ride!

GrabHitch offers a cheaper, convenient alternative compared to other means of door-to-door transportation. On top of that, you’ll have the opportunity to expand your social circles while doing your part to protect the environment.

All GrabHitch drivers and their vehicles are vetted and verified by a dedicated Grab team, and we continue to monitor driver activity to ensure that GrabHitch continues to be a safe platform for everyday use.

Try to contact the driver first, and if he/she remains uncontactable, cancel the trip and request for another ride. Please report the incident to us at +6221 8064 8777 (helpline) atau

Be kind and spare a thought for your driver’s time! SMS or call if you’re going to be early or late to your pick-up point.

Sit comfortably and smile! Remember that this is a motorcycle hitch service. Break the ice by talking about your job, sports you’re into, movies you’ve watched, anything really!

Please refrain from eating, drinking or smoking on the motorcycle, unless granted permission by the driver.