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in Grab app with assurance of speed, certainty, and most importantly, safety.

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Why GrabExpress?


trackable using GrabExpress technology in Grab app, every delivery automatically provided with proof of delivery, and insured.


delivery in one day, whether you pick Instant Bike or Instant Car, and Same Day Bike!


just tap Delivery in Grab app and choose the type of delivery service.

Wide coverage

to deliver within the city and nationwide


with multi-destinations and multi-booking features.


and even lower with Subscription.


everyday and the convenience of having packages delivered

Pick Delivery Service

Small or big package can be delivered with GrabExpress. Please ensure that your package does not exceed the guidelines.

GrabExpress Instant Bike

Fast Delivery (max. 3 hours) for small package with dimensions 50 x 50 x 50 cm and maximum weight 15 kg

GrabExpress Same Day Bike

Fast Delivery in the same day with less pay

GrabExpress Instant Car

Fast Delivery for big package with dimensions 100 x 100 x 80 cm and maximum weight 150 kg

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GrabExpress is an app-based express courier service that promises speed, certainty, and most importantly safety.
GrabExpress operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.
GrabExpress can deliver documents or packets. GrabExpress does not accept delivery of crockery that is not packaged properly, food and beverages that require refrigeration or special handling, alcoholic beverages, medicines, jewelry, cash, or other objects prohibited by the laws in force in the Republic of Indonesia. Note: Not all items are covered by insurance. Go to point 6 of FAQ for insurance T&C.
GrabExpress is available in JADETABEK (Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang Selatan and kota Bekasi).
Providing the complete details of the receiver is crucial. Our bikers will contact the receiver to ensure the receiving of the packet. If the receiver cannot be contacted, then we will return the packet to the sender.
There is no minimum number of packets required for GrabExpress.
Currently GrabExpress only serves packets and documents delivery.
You can track through “Share My Ride” feature in the app.

Ada 4 alasan utama kenapa kamu harus menggunakan layanan GrabExpress, yaitu:

  • Mudah; Kamu cuma perlu melalukan 3 tahap yaitu: Buka aplikasi GrabTaxi kamu, Masukan loksi penjemputan & tujuan kamu, lalu Pilih layanan GrabExpress
  • Aman; barang yang kamu kirim terasuransikan sampai senilai Rp. 10.000.000, para bikers kami juga sudah terlatih untuk mengantarkan barang dengan baik dan aman.
  • Pasti; kamu bisa tahu profil biker yang akan mengantarkan barang kamu beserta nomor telepon dan plat nomor kendarannya, perkiraan waktu tiba, dan estimasi harga yang pasti. Lalu kamu bisa menggunakan fitur ‘Share My Ride’ untuk melacak proses pengiriman barang kamu. Kami juga menyediakan E-Receipt dalam setiap proses pengiriman paket.
  • Cepat; kamu gak perlu nunggu lama lagi karena barang kamu akan dikirimkan dan sampai pada hari yang sama.

Pembayaran GrabExpress bisa dilakukan dengan metode Tunai dan Non-Tunai.

Apabila yang memesan layanan GrabExpress melalui aplikasi GrabTaxi adalah sang Pengirim, maka jasa layanan dibayar sebelum pengantaran paket oleh si Pengirim. Namun, jika yang memesan adalah si Penerima, maka si Penerima akan membayar biaya layanan setelah paket diantar. Saat kamu memesan layanan GrabExpress melalui aplikasi GrabTaxi.

GrabExpress has special schemes in place for high-volume corporate customers. Place send your enquiries to