Earn more by taking more passengers going the same way.

What is GrabShare?

Earn more when you drive with GrabCar by picking up more passengers per trip with GrabShare.

GrabShare is a carpooling service that allows passengers to share the ride and the fare while drivers get to earn more by picking up multiple passengers going the same way.

There are many benefits when driving with GrabShare.

Share and earn more per trip by taking more passengers going the same way.

Share extra seat space in your car to maximise your drive since you’re going that way anyway.

Share to reduce the number of cars on the road and help the environment.

How is GrabShare different from GrabCar?


Allows you to take 2 bookings heading in the same direction at the same time.



Allows you to only take 1 booking at a time.


Take a maximum of 2 passengers per booking.



Take a maximum of 4 passengers per booking.

The chance to earn more is right in your Grab Driver’s App.

How It Works

Simply launch the Grab app and start earning more.

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GrabShare is a carpooling service where up to two groups of passengers can share a ride headed the same direction, resulting in savings for passengers, and more income for drivers.

Yes you should be able to earn more with GrabShare as you will be able to take 2 bookings at the same time, going in the same direction.

Incentive structures are the same across GC and GS: All GS rides contributes to GC rides , so they are eligible for incentive scheme of GC, faster & easier to hit incentives. Effectively 2 bonuses for 1 ride.

Please go to HTTP://GRB.TO/GSTRAINING where you can view a training video on grabshare, or walk in to one of our branches and our friendly staff will assist you.

Your AR, DR and CR for GrabShare and Grabcar are the same. Ignoring and cancelling a GrabShare booking will affect AR and CR for both services types.

This will be the same experience as you have today for GrabCar: once you drop off your first passenger, the payment screen will pop up.Once you have completed the payment information for the first passenger, you can continue your trip with the second passenger.

You don’t need to switch; the job card will indicate whether the job is a GrabShare or GrabCar job.

You will be able to see the job type on the job card, the same as with GrabCar today.

The payment method (Cash or GrabPay) will be displayed in the job card, the same as GrabCar today.

This won’t be a problem for GrabShare – each passenger is treated as an individual, and the payment methods do not need to be identical.

No, each driver only has one Grab cash and credit wallet.


You are advised to notify your passenger once you have arrived at the pick up location and wait up to 3 minutes for your GrabShare passenger after which you can cancel the booking and move on to pick up your next passenger.

Politely advise them that by making a GrabShare booking they have accepted that they may have to share their ride, and that drivers are not allowed to ignore bookings. Please stay calm and do not engage in an argument with your passenger, and advise them to contact our customer service if they have issues with the GrabShare product.