Give someone a lift, cover your driving costs and make a new friend.


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Why join our carpooling community?

GrabHitch matches drivers and passengers who are going the same way. By giving a Hitch, GrabHitch drivers get to cover some of their driving cost and make a new friend

Get your driving costs (petrol, toll, parking) covered by giving a hitch, whether it to/fro work on weekdays or to another city on weekends

No one likes the time wasted in bad traffic. With Hitch, you can meet new people and expand your network. Meet business partners, friends or just have a good conversation!

For drivers’ convenience, GrabHitch enables facilitates drivers to accept payment through cash or GrabPay (credit cards or GrabCredit). Drivers can see each passenger’s payment method before accepting the booking

Who’s on GrabHitch

The majority of Hitch drivers are PMET-s - Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians. Giving a Hitch is not a source of income for them. By giving a Hitch, drivers get to cover their traveling cost and meet new friends.

What do you need to be a Hitch driver

Be 18 years old and above

Possess a valid SIM A, STNK and KTP with at least 1 year’s driving experience

A private car with valid auto insurance

How To Sign Up

How To Get Started

Additional: We are now at prelaunch mode for driver sign-ups. You can start accepting bookings when we launch fully at the end of May!

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GrabHitch is a with value for money and green carpooling service by Grab Indonesia. GrabHitch matches passengers and drivers traveling along the same direction.

GrabBike, GrabTaxi and GrabCar are taxi services that searches for the nearest driver to the passenger. GrabHitch is an advance booking services that matches drivers & passengers having the same route.

There are no surge for GrabHitch. Toll charges are also not included in the fare and they will typically be borne by your Hitch Driver. However, do understand that in cases where your Hitch Driver may pass through a toll road just to pick you up or drop you off, he/she is allowed to ask you to share the cost with him. Should you be unwilling to do so, simply reject him/her in a nice manner.
You may also feel free to offer to pay for toll & parking fees by indicating in the ‘Notes’ comment box when you make your booking.
P.S. this increases your chance of getting matched!

Well, you get to save more with our affordable pricing, make new friends and contribute to a car-lite city. So, why not? Our Hitch Community has seen people reuniting with their childhood pals or even their future boss. You never know who you might meet next!

Upon signup, all Hitch Drivers and their vehicles are carefully vetted and verified before they are allowed to join us. We also constantly monitor their activity to ensure that our community remains safe and our rides enjoyable. Should you encounter dangerous driving, report to us at

You can create all your bookings through the GrabHitch tab in the Grab app. Just set your pick-up and drop-off locations, scheduled pick-up time (from 15 minutes up to 7 days in advance), select the number of passengers and any special request in the notes section. Click on the ‘Book’ icon and our servers will ping your route request to Hitch Drivers who share similar journeys. You’ll be notified via SMS and in-app notification when a Hitch Driver has confirmed your booking. We’ll also drop you a reminder 30 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.

GrabHitch is a social carpooling initiative where trust is the backbone of our service. We strongly discourage you from cancelling on your Hitch Driver who has already made plans to give you a lift. However, should you find it absolutely necessary to do so, do give him/her a heads up as early as you can. To cancel your booking in the app, find under the menu: Scheduled > GrabHitch > Booking > Cancel Booking.

Payment is easy! You can choose to pay via GrabPay or Cash. Remember to select either option before you make the booking!

We compute the price based on the distance between your pickup and drop off locations. You’ll be happy to know that this price is fixed all day, i.e. not volatile to peak hour surge!

We suggest that you don’t board the vehicle and report the incident to us as soon as possible by writing to

You have to indicate your question in the ‘Notes to driver’ box before you make your booking. Once accepted, you may like to SMS your Hitch Driver to confirm if he/she is okay with your request. It doesn’t hurt to check!

Your route will be shown to matching drivers. If it is accepted, there will be a SMS notification. Please note that not all days/routes will be matched. If your booking is matched but the driver hasn’t shown up, please contact them first. If they still do not appear, please report the incident to +6221 8064 8777 (helpline) or

If the route is not too different, it should not be a problem. Please politely contact and explain it to the driver. If the route is different, please cancel the booking and make a new one. Don’t forget to inform the driver about it!

The new GrabHitch service is available across the Java island.

GrabHitch is meant as an advance booking service as we are powered by non-commercial, everyday drivers who give Hitch Riders a lift at their convenience. Hence, there may not always be any available Hitch Drivers who are heading the same way as you do at your specified time. To secure a higher chance of being matched, book as early as you could, even up to 7 days in advance!

You may like to try texting or calling your Hitch Driver first. If he/she remains uncontactable, we’re afraid you’ll have to cancel the trip and request for another ride. We’re sorry if this happens to you as we understand how disappointed you must be. Please report the incident to +6221 8064 8777 (helpline) or

Be polite and always inform your drivers if you are arriving early or late through SMS or phone.
Enjoy the ride and break the ice! Take the front seat and be friendly.
Please do not eat, drink or smoke during the ride unless the driver permits it.

It’s really easy. Open your Grab app, select GrabHitch(Nebeng) Car service icon and click on the blue colour “Sign Up as a driver” bar to upload your details. Application will be approved in 2 working days.

GrabCar drivers are full/part time drivers providing taxi service based on bookings. Drivers are allocated to passengers, which then sends the passengers to their destination on demand.
GrabHitch drivers are normal commuters like you and me. A GrabHitch driver will be matched to passengers traveling the same route and schedule. Drivers get the freedom to choose bookings that suit their travel!

We give you full autonomy to decide who you want to pick up that you find most convenient. 2 ways to find your Hitch Rider: Check ‘Quick Hitch’ for the list of requests that best matches your current location and time, or create a route and see who’s heading the same way as you!

GrabHitch is meant to subsidise your cost of driving i.e. mainly petrol costs and car depreciation. The fare is calculated based on distance of the journey and car depreciation rate. If there are any other charges (toll etc.), drivers will have to bear it. Drivers have the freedom to choose passengers based on their route & schedule.

GrabHitch is a social carpooling initiative where trust is the backbone of our service. So once you’ve confirmed with your Hitch Rider, please don’t cancel on him/her. However if you absolutely have to cancel, please do so in advance and inform your Hitch Rider so that he/she can plan for alternative modes of transport (and not be left stranded). To cancel your booking in the app, go to Confirmed tab > Booking > Cancel Booking.

GrabHitch Car drivers can only send a maximum of 4(four) passengers per trip, and no limit on the number of trips per day.
To know how many passengers a booking has, please check the app and call the passenger to confirm the details.

Yes you have to pick up and drop off your Hitch Rider from the exact locations indicated in the booking. This facilitates a smooth and pleasant experience for both you and your Hitch Rider!

Yes you can use the app as both passenger and driver. No worries, as a social initiative, we wouldn’t want to stress you out by imposing any penalty for irregularity. So please go ahead and enjoy driving GrabHitch at your convenience!

You will be protected with life insurance covered by Grab, and the damages of the car is covered by your own car insurance. If you need help, please contact our 24 hour hotline (+6221 8064 8777) or through email to

After your application has been approved, slide the menu and toggle the “DRIVE” button. Enter your trip details and you’ll be alerted to a list of Hitch Riders who share similar journeys in the app. You can also sort through the list to see who fits your journey best. Alternatively, you may also check out the “Quick Hitch” tab for an immediate list of Hitch Riders near your current location and time. Either way works! Once you’ve accepted the request, you will then be able to see your Hitch Rider’s contact number. Do confirm with him/her via SMS or call prior to the pickup just to be sure!

Sebagai pengemudi GrabHitch, keuntungannya buat kamu adalah: Biaya pemeliharaan kendaraan dan bahan bakar sehari-hari dapat tergantikan, bertemu dengan teman baru dari berbagai profesi, serta mengurangi polusi! Kamu bisa memilih rute sesuai kenyamananmu dan memutuskan penumpang mana yang ingin kamu jemput. Dan ini semua bisa kamu lakukan kapanpun kamu mau!

You’ll be able to view the payment mode indicated by Hitch Riders in the booking request – Cash or GrabPay (debit/credit card). For Cash, simply collect the cash amount from your Hitch Rider upon dropping off, ensuring you’ve sufficient change. For GrabPay, your earnings will be credited directly into your digital driver wallet. You may choose to cash out credits in your wallet at any time. Simply provide us with your bank account details the first time you request to cash out. Do expect up to 10 working days for the cash out amount to be reflected in your bank account.

Nope! Currently, we don’t charge any commission/service fee from our Hitch Drivers as we want everyone to give social carpooling a shot. So go ahead and keep 100% of the fare!

Each booking may have more than one pax. Hitch Riders should indicate in their booking how many people are with them, so that you can decide if you’re comfortable before accepting the booking and plan your seating capacity accordingly. However, you will still be paid per booking regardless of the number of seats requested, so please don’t charge more!

We are all about social carpooling and social carpooling is about being SOCIAL. Be friendly (but not creepy) and break the ice by talking about your job, hobbies, anything really!
Always confirm with your Hitch Rider immediately after accepting the booking AND before setting off to the pick-up location. It doesn’t hurt to check!
Read through our Hitch Driver Code of Conduct for the exact behaviour that is expected of you in order to make sure everyone gets the best Hitch experience always!